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I used to be a pretty bad cook. I was all about quick and easy. Packet-Pasta was a staple and the fewer ingredients a recipe had the better. That was me 10 – 20 years ago. Then I started to take an interest, collecting recipes and trying more challenging recipes. Soon I had a library of cookbooks that was starting to overtake my novel collection. Now my biggest hoarding problems were in the kitchen – I had the tool for almost anything. I also started to become more interested in trying different foods and different restaurants. Some of them were expensive so why don’t I try to cook them at home? Well, hello cooking  – you have become a whole lot more interesting!

Enter the age of YouTube and blogs and my recipe books are beginning to gather dust. If a recipe can’t be commented on, I’m sorry, but it’s not really tested. Don’t know how to fillet a fish? Nevermind classes, all you need is YouTube. And that is exactly how I learned to fillet a fish and make macarons.

These days cooking is no longer a chore – its a hobby. I see a new recipe as a challenge – something to apply all that I have learned about cooking to date and try to deliver something yummy! Its amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it 🙂


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